Homeopathy Types

Let us take time to know homeopathy better by learning the different types of it. People might think that homeopathy is just one side and it covers all but it also has classifications just like the practice of medicine. Let us learn some of them like the classical homeopathy which is one that practice the principle of Hahnemannian and strictly follow it only. The other type is the auto-isopathy that have the principle of treating the patient using the materials that are found in the body of the patient.


The remedies from the concern could come only from the source. Another type is the complex homeopathy that will use the combination of the available remedies for treatment. The next type is the clinical homeopathy that will use the guide for treatment. The concern would be determined and the recommended treatment is then sought and given. It is a simple type but it could also be complicated when the main concern is not fully determined. The homotoxicology deals with the theory of detoxification as the treatment.



There is also the isopathy that will determine the cause so that the treatment material would be the one to be used as treatment. The pluralistic homeopathy would be the one using not just one type of homeopathy to treat. There could be many types that could be made as classification as many have been into the practice and they have made their own discoveries that they had mixed into the practice that has improved effectivity.